The Role and Benefit of Emotional Intelligence and Circling in the Workplace

Heinz Robert and Prof. Dr. Fadil Çitaku (ALSS)
Circling Schweiz Community

Circling Zrich

A unique opportunity to have a deeper exploration into Emotional Intelligence from both the scientific approach of Neuroleadership and a practical through Circling.

Leadership needs a high degree of interpersonal skills. As leaders we get together with many different people, all with very individual needs. In Circling – also known as Authentic Relating –, we are committing to relate to each other and open ourselves to the world of the Other to broaden our own horizons. It can also strengthen the basic attitude of curiosity for other people in order to empathize with the concerns and motivations of the employees.

This workshop will outline evidence based leadership and emotional intelligence competencies, which are mandatory to reach the excellence in business. In addition the newest neuroscience insights will be explored and Circling will be applied. Circling and other methods will be used to offer participants various possibilities and exercises to learn and deepen various leadership skills.

You find more Info about Circling related to Emotional Intelligence at the end of this page.

Workshop content
  • Çitaku's Leadership Competency Model
  • Definition what EI is and its key component
  • Neuroscience of emotional intelligence
  • Occupational EI and self‐awareness
  • Empathy & relationships for improved communications and marketing
  • Managing your own emotions to positive outcomes.
  • Emotional intelligence and business effectiveness.
  • Neuroscience of leadership EI
  • Fundamental relational competencies.
  • Listen actively and communicate authentically
  • Dealing with interpersonal challenges
  • Radical self‐responsibility and self‐authorship
  • Circling and interpersonal dynamics
  • Circling and self‐competence
Teaching methods
  • Short interactive lecture; think/pair/share; questions & answers period;
  • Case Study; Incident Process; Question & Answer Period; Short wring exercises; Note Review; Demonstration; Simulation etc.
Workshop outcome

After attending this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of Çitaku's Leadership
  • Competency Model towards promoting excellence in your organization.
  • Develop an understanding of what emotional intelligence is and how it impacts business effectiveness.
  • Learn the neuroscience of emotional hijacks and how it affects the brain, body and behavior.
  • Understand Emotional Intelligence from brain research
  • Identify core concepts Circling.
  • Understand and experience fundamental relational competencies
  • Learn how to listen actively and communicate authentically
  • Learn to deal with interpersonal challenges
  • Learn radical self‐responsibility and self‐ authorship
  • Create an actionable plan to improve your leadership competencies, supported from the emotional intelligence and Circling
Workshop leaders

Prof. Dr. Fadil Çitaku, PhD, MME (Uni Bern)
Professor of Leadership and Emotional Intelligence for PhD, Doctorate, MSc. and MAS programs; Founder and CEO of the ALSS; Supervisor at the prestigious ETH, Switzerland; Senior Scientist, Advisor and Coach; Keynote Speaker in many reputable international conferences.

Heinz Robert (Circling Schweiz)
Brought Circling 2014 to Switzerland and did his training with Circling Europe. Before he led and supported for 4 years groups and workshops in Transparent Communication and he is an associate of the Center of Wise Leadership. Heinz is known for his calm and relaxed way to hold spaces of mutual trust. In his life he has pioneered several innovative ideas and has experience in leading business projects and smaller companies. Currently he is writing his second book together with other authors about honesty and intimacy in organizations. He offers workshops and coaching to discover potentials in gender-based disputes.

Workshop location, -duration, -costs

Location: ALSS, World Trade Center, Leutschenbachstrasse 95, CH‐8050 Zurich, Switzerland

Duration: Two days, from 9.00am–5.00pm (lunch 12.00‐1.00)

Costs: CHF 980 per participant (including ALSS‐Certificate and all workshop materials, 2 lunch meals, fruits, light snacks, coffee and tea)

Registration and contact

Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland
World Trade Center, Leutschenbachstrasse 95, CH‐8050 Zürich
+41 (0)44 308 35 22

The invitation as PDF

Circling as tool for better Emotional Intelligence

Circling is a cutting-edge social technology which supports the exploration of one’s own feelings and emotions and becoming better in "reading" and getting others, to be more empathic and intuitive how other people feel. It can even foster people to become more self-responsible and take over more leadership in different areas of life. It offers various possibilities and exercises to learn and deepen various leadership skills.

In Circling, we train to be mindful of what happens in each moment, such as the immediate perception, slowing down and naming of one’s experience, all with direct eye contact. Circling is a magnifying glass for interpersonal dynamics. It allows us to see more clearly what happens in relationships between people. What effect do my words or behavior have on others? It is a good training for self-competence.

In practicing Circling, the frontal brain is activated through mindful communication and the focus on awareness. The strongly developed frontal brain can observe and classify things and processes. At the same time, the focus is on body sensations, which return to the brain via the thalamus. The thalamus is part of the brain stem, which is much older in development. Simultaneous activation of the thalamus and frontal lobe results in emotional intelligence, simultaneous thinking and feeling. A good leader needs both, so that the focus is not only on thinking, or on the contrary, only on the emotions.

Circling as a leadership tool means a greater willingness to take risks. I trust what is in me, no matter how illogical it seems to me. Thus, I can rely on my intuition even in case of doubt and do not have to resort to fear of familiar structures. Innovation can be done by immersion in the unknown. Of course, this also implies trust in one's own experience and dedication to the big picture, the risk of abandoning something old and proven, but it can make decisions and innovations more for the common good than self-interest and profit.


Datum Fr 18.10.2019 09:00
Ende Sa 19.10.2019 17:00
akt. Preis  903,20 €
EB_LEITUNG Heinz Robert und Prof. Dr. Fadil Çitaku (ALSS)
Normalpreis Regulärer Preis: 980,– CHF / 903,20 €
(including ALSS‐Certificate and all workshop materials, 2 lunch meals, fruits, light snacks, coffee and tea)
Ort Zürich (Academy of Leadership Science, World Trade Center)
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