Creating Online-Aliveness

A free mini-course

June 10-13

Participants join one 3-hour session each day.

We offer each session twice:
7:00am – 10:00 am UTC (for Europe & East)
2:00pm – 5:00 pm UTC (primarily for US & West)

With Elizabeth Debold and Thomas Steininger

evolve creating online aliveness

Hallo co-creators, coaches, innovators, healers, community connectors, social entrepreneur teams, and counselors – are you struggling to create deep connection and do your work online? Right now, all of us who have been doing profound, intimate, and transformative work one-on-one or in groups are forced to go online. But many are also realizing that you can’t just do online what you are used to doing in person to create trust and connection. It takes a different awareness to create a deep experience together.

Thomas Steininger and Elizabeth Debold will be offering a free mini-course from June 10-13 (three hours each day; two different times each day) designed to bring ALIVE the space between us ONLINE. Thomas and Elizabeth have been working for 25+ years using technology (starting with conference calls) to bring people together in a subtle awareness of shared presence. They offer their experience as a gift to help create real connection in these times of social distancing. (Donations also gladly accepted.)

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