SPIRAL DYNAMICS Training in Budapest

You have a rare opportunity now to learn Spiral Dynamics from its creator, Dr. Don Beck! His highly experienced colleagues have been successfully working with this model for decades in the corporate and business world as CEO, president, executive coach, organizational development expert, political advisor, and educator.

Just a few days before the Integral European Conference Dr. Beck and his colleagues offer a 3-day Level I Certificate Course. This Spiral Dynamics fundamentals course is designed for people who wish to understand the Graves-Beck Framework in its pure form and learn personally from the originator of the model.

In the first two and a half days we track the history and emergence of Spiral Dynamics including the theoretical underpinnings of Clare W. Graves research methodologies, its evolution through a second and third generation of research and applications. Level I offers an experiential exploration of the eight value systems identified by the Spiral Dynamics/Gravesian bio-psycho-social model. It is a major paradigm shift to 21st Century complex systems thinking that offers insight in such areas as geopolitics, economics, religion, the arts, coaching and counseling, organizational design, education, health care, and other clearly identifiable manifestations of the social value systems existing in the world today.

We will explore the memetic foundations on which these living systems emerge and evolve, their healthy and unhealthy expressions, their different characteristics, their own unique stages of development with real example of different expressions in different personal, organizational and cultural settings. You will understand when a system is ready to enter a new level of development, what the maturity stage of that system looks like, and the circumstances that drive it to reach it’s exit phase on its endless quest towards higher values. You will understand what it means for an entity to be a closed system, an open system, or an arrested system, and what these different diagnoses mean to you as a manager, a CEO, or a political leader seeking change. The standard learning model for the entire 2 days is delivered to participants with help of participatory exercises, movie clips, popular music, cartoons, trainers own stories from experience, and participant contributions to the learning environment. Group exercises will also be used to help you gauge your own understanding of the material.

Participants will gain insights into the nature of conflict, change, and healing. By the end of the first 2 days, you will have a better understanding of why conflicts and social ills still exist in hot spots around the world after years of effort to resolve them. You will understand why certain people and organizations thrive while others stay in place. You will learn how to communicate with and align people, processes and purpose in order to facilitate healthy change in organizations, in culture.

Each participant will receive a Level I manual full of articles, charts of key Spiral Dynamics constructs and other information (all in PDF form in english). Each will complete a full battery of research instruments, which may also be useful in their own profession.

Day 3 will be an executive summary of a Graduate Level 2 training focusing exclusively on Organizational Design based on the theory. You will learn several Second Tier design concepts aimed to help individuals and organizations to unlock their potential. Participants will gain a deeper understanding on how to align values within an organization to meet stakeholder goals. Understand the steps and stages that your organization needs to go through to become a resilient Seventh Level Organization. You will learn how to improve employee morale and productivity. How to align to the Triple Bottom Line. How to deal with workplace conflict, how to design better job descriptions, and how to handle the millennial employee.

The training will be in English with translation to Hungarian.

Please note that no accommodation will be provided for participants.

Check the detailed program here: http://spiraldynamics.integralacademy.eu/


Datum Sa 30.04.2016 09:00
Ende Mo 02.05.2016 17:00
Anm.Ende 30.04.2016
akt. Preis  420,00 €
Leitung Don Beck u.a.
Buchung http://spiraldynamics.integralacademy.eu/
Ort Budapest
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