Next Stage Systemic Work: Training And Workshop

Systemic Feelings And Sensations In Your Body.


People step into elements, of a question or situation, and perceive feelings, sensations, emotions, movements that are not of their making. They express that what comes to them. Thus, the relations between the elements of the system in the question become visible.

With this simple effect, the most complex and seemingly impossible issues can be addressed and solved. Applications range from Family therapy, work, leadership and organisational questions, health, political and generational topics, spatial planning etc.

We work with the notion of development and the Next Stage of any system as orientation. Evolution is part of every question and becomes visible through systemic representations.

Steps To Embodied Leadership

The workshop is an intense training and learning ground for your leadership. Sign in for the systemic leadership training and learn how to lead systemic workshops, facilitate whole systems in their constellations and to listen to subtle leadership cues from your own body.


Datum Fr 26.07.2019 09:30
Ende Mo 29.07.2019 17:00
akt. Preis  150,00 €
Normalpreis 150,– € – 700,– €
Ort Ewitsch (Österreich)
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