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Ten Directions is a leader in integral training and development programs with a renown faculty team that includes Diane Musho Hamilton, Rebecca Colwell, Rob McNamara, and Dr. Cindy Lou Golin. Their training programs include Integral Facilitator; 3-day trainings and 9-month professional certification; Developmental Coaching programs (both live online and self-paced) led by Rob McNamara, and a new suite of online trainings in interpersonal skills, communication, and conflict led by Diane Musho Hamilton.

Ten Directions' programs are offered live in North America and Europe, and have attracted participants from six continents. Their innovative online trainings offer a growing global audience a way to integrate professional learning and practice even more fully into the fullness of everyday life.

Their unique blending of Integral Theory, Developmental Psychology, Zen and Leadership / Facilitation expertise is creating a pathway for post-professional practice that embodies the overlap between inner transformation and outer evolution.


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