Rachel Haywire & Raven ConnollyParallax-MagazinThe Philosopher Queens began as a manifesto written by Rachel Haywire. The manifesto expresses discontent at the impoverishment of feminine archetypes in the popular discourse, and prophesies the rise of the femme fatales who will take their place as Philosopher Queens. The manifesto prompted a collaboration between Raven Connolly and Rachel to spread the current and draw more women into the public discourse of these ideas. The Philosopher Queens panel, hosted at the digital campfire The Stoa, began as an exploration of dark feminine archetypes and grew to include discussions with guests, ranging from Golden Shadow podcast host Alyssa Polizzi to post academic Nina Power. Now Rachel and Raven are back to reflect on their journey and discuss where Philosopher Queens originates and what the future holds.


Rachel Haywire is a Cultural Futurist who recently founded Elixir Salon. She is an entrepreneur whose interests range from Virtual Reality to art movements to fashion to philosophy. She is also the author of The New Art Right.

Raven Connolly is a socialite in a mosaic of independent intellectual milieus, ranging from Justin Murphy’s IndieThinkers, to Peter Limberg’s The Stoa. She hosts and interviews guests at The Stoa, and is currently developing a philosophy of the ovum, secrecy, and marriage.



Quelle: www.parallax-magazin.de

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